Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Determinants of sticky cost behavior            0000-00-00
2    Examining the impact of overconfidence of managers and the resulting information asymmetry on risk of falling of stock prices            0000-00-00
3    Accounting students    M.Sc.    Moeinizadeh, Mohsen    2009-07-02
4    Information content and Prediction Power of Classification of Tax Paied    M.Sc.    Sari, Mohammad ali    2010-07-12
5    Investigation of relation between financing activities and accruals with stock returns of manufatural companies in tehran stock exchange(TSE).    M.Sc.    kheyrkhah, arash    2011-02-01
6    The relationship between earnings changes and operating cash flow changes with firm value changes in corporation life cycle model    M.Sc.    sorayyakeshtiban, mehdi    2011-03-01
7    An examination of the relationship of delay in announcing annual earnings quarterly forecast with news type and forecast accuracy    M.Sc.    mehrdad, saeed    2011-03-15
8    survey some of the factors influencing ethical judgments of the earnings management    M.Sc.    anbarani, saleh    2011-11-08
9    Experimental study of the impact of institutional ownership and cash flows on dividend policy of the companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    pakdel, gholamreza    2011-12-03
10    Identifying,analyzing and ranking of nonfinancial measures that affect investors decision by using analytic hierarchy process techniques (AHP).    M.Sc.    mehrabankhou, seyedeh tahereh    2012-05-09
11    Investigate Changes In Intellectual Capital Throughout The Life Cycle Of The Listed Companies In Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    Fallahi, Saeed    2013-01-08
12    Determining basics and criteria of financial reporting according Shiite jurisprudence and review of accounting and financial expert’s view points.    M.Sc.    heydarnejad, saeed    2013-02-12
13    comparing the effect of index and models measurement quality accounting on information asymmetry    M.Sc.    sepehrikia, hassan    2013-03-12
14    operating cash flow- adaboost algorithm- adaptive neuro- fuzzy inference system    M.Sc.    Eslami, Nooshin    2013-03-16
15    Evaluation of the relationship between accounting quality and conditional and unconditional conservatism    M.Sc.    karamdar mezerji, soghra    2013-04-23
16    Calculating the cost of milk production Using Activity Based Costing System: A case study in Astan Qods Razavi Mazrae Nemoone dairy herts.    M.Sc.    taghavi, zahra    2013-04-23
17    Effects of Intellectual Capital Disclosure on the Cost of Capital    M.Sc.    rabbani, hossein    2013-05-05
18    the impact of product market competition on different earnings quality criteria    M.Sc.    Beygi, Behzad    2013-05-19
19    investigating of the relationship between some financial factors and cash holding for the companies tehran stock exchange    M.Sc.    malekian kaleh basti, mostafa    2013-05-21
20    The effect of stock market cycles on investor’s reaction to discretionary accruals In each of the industries in Tehran stock exchange    M.Sc.    rahimi, nemat    2013-06-18
21    Survey on Dividend Changes with Respect to Stability of Financial Performance Measures in Companies Adopted Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    SAKAKI, SAMANEH    2013-10-06
22    dividend ratio    M.Sc.    moshtagh, fereshteh    2013-10-29
23    A study of the Cash holdings effect of maintenance and ownership concentration on the performance of listed companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange (performance indicators EVA and REVA)    M.Sc.    shoshtari, Ghanbar ali    2013-12-09
24    STUDY of the relation between humman development index and intellectual capital and firm performance    M.Sc.    BOOSTANIFARKOOSH, RAHELEH    2013-12-09
25    the effect of different definition of corporate size on profitability and liquidity    M.Sc.    nourbakhsh hosseiny, zeinab    2013-12-10
26    Effect of targeted subsidies on consumption, sale, collection of receivables and cash flow in the household, rural, commercial and industrial sector    M.Sc.    asgari, ahmad    2014-01-12
27    THE analysis of relation ship between intellctual capital and efficiency of accepted offices in stock exchanging by using the model of data envelopment    M.Sc.    Delghandi, Mahdi    2014-01-12
28    Investigate the Factors Affecting the Conversion of the Cash Basis to Accrual Basis Accounting in Public Sector    M.Sc.    abbasi zarmehri, mahdi    2014-03-09
29    stockliquidity risk effecting the quality of accounting earnings on a separate industry group    M.Sc.    khosrojerdi, Shima    2014-03-10
30    Impact of accounting education and work experience on emotional intelligence    M.Sc.    ZHIAN TABASI, ALALEH    2014-03-11
31    The effect shares owned by banks on market value listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    sharifi shahri, fatemeh    2014-03-11
32    Earnings Smoothing and Future Cash Flow Uncertainty    M.Sc.    atghaei, zohreh    2014-04-22
33    Investigate the relationship of earnings quality and its role in forecast future earnings in various industries and comparison between them    M.Sc.    majidi yazdi, mostafa    2014-04-22
34    The Relationship of Board Characteristics on the between Overvalued Equity & Accruals Anomaly    M.Sc.    RAOOFI POOR, MOSTAFA    2014-04-27
35    effect of the life cycle of the business unit cash earnings quality and cash holding    M.Sc.    mozhgan, yazdani    2014-04-27
36    Design and explanation the cost model of citizen services in Mashhad Municipality    M.Sc.    azari, mohammad    2014-04-27
37    The relationship between variables based on the balance theories and pecking order theories and selected variables from cash flow statement with corporate cash holdings.    M.Sc.    rezaei, nahid    2014-04-27
38    calculate the cost of one kg of rainbow trout (case study)    M.Sc.    ghashghaee, rasheen    2014-04-27
39    A study of Relationship between Working Capital strategy and agency costs With respect to operating Income Smooting    M.Sc.    aliabadi, mohamad hossain    2014-04-27
40    Ranking the influences financial and non financial Factors on taking decision of investors by using the Topsis and Ahp Techniques    M.Sc.    montaseri, laleh    2014-05-03
41    A Study the business cycle and its relation with P/E    M.Sc.    abavisani, mojtaba    2014-05-03
42    Review on the relationship between conservatism, cash holding and stock return    M.Sc.    ebrahimbay, hashem    2014-05-05
43    The relationship between audit quality , macroeconomic factors with the corporate dividend payout policy.    M.Sc.    sigari, atiyyeh    2014-05-25
44    Corporate Governance and Earnings Management: A Meta-Analysis    M.Sc.    arefi asl, solmaz    2014-06-17
45    Determining the measures of financial flexibility based on expert opinions and ratings are based on AHP    M.Sc.    sheikhalishahi, somayeh    2014-09-24
46    Overlapping evaluation of information asymmetry measuring methods    M.Sc.    ghabel, mojtaba    2014-11-09
47    The Relation Between Audit Partner Rotation And Audit Quality    M.Sc.    imani, fatemeh    2014-12-02
48    Evaluation Influence Financial characteristics and economic indicators on profitability of companies,by comparative approach between strategic and non-strategic industries    M.Sc.    safarzadeh baghal, saeed    2014-12-09
49    The survey relationship between brand, stable cash flow and finavcial policies firms    M.Sc.    abdi, hadi    2015-01-27
50    The Relationship between the independent auditor's opinionand rating the quality of disclosure of financial statements    M.Sc.    moradi, azam    2015-03-15
51    A meta-analysis of the determinants of audit quality    M.Sc.    khabaz tavakoli, malihe    2015-05-12
52    Investigation the relationship between earnings quality with the maximum profit share (Exchange instructions)    M.Sc.    MIRNEZHAD, MONA    2015-05-19
53    Disin and cost system saffron processing and packaging in khorasan productivity company    M.Sc.    Gholamhoseinian, Malihe    2015-06-02
54    The Explores relationship between intellectual capital and its components for cost of equity of The Listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange.    M.Sc.    tirdadi, mojgan    2015-06-30
55    Examination of the Construal Level Theory: Evidence of the role of linguistic issues in increasing willingness to invest in non-professional investors    M.Sc.    nazari, hengameh    2015-10-13
56    The Relationship Between Product Market Competition, Cash Holding and Financing Decisions    M.Sc.    paseban rouzbahani, sadaf    2015-11-10
57    stock returns and their relationships with readability of earnings of forecasts and audit report    M.Sc.    Alikhani, samira    2015-11-17
58    The effect of earnings management moderating role on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance    M.Sc.    ghanbari, behnoush    2015-11-17
59    A study of the relationship between ownership structure and related party transactions and their effect on the quality of financial reporting    M.Sc.    Khorsandi, Ehsan    2016-02-07
60    Related Party Transactions and an Efficient or Opportunistic of Earnings Management    M.Sc.    Ghannad, Mostafa    2016-04-24
61    Comparative of Ethical factors on earnings management in Iraq    M.Sc.    ABDULHADI, KARRAR HAMZAH ABDULHADI    2016-05-08
62    Business Cycle and Management Earning Forcast    M.Sc.    fakoorizadeh, elahe    2016-05-15
63    Empirical Study of Shareholders Overreaction to the Financial Information: Some Evidance from Large Changes of Index    M.Sc.    gholami, morteza    2016-05-29
64    Assessing financial reporting quality of family and nonfamily firms by audit risk and audit fees    M.Sc.    kelidari, neda    2016-06-28
65    The factors affecting the professional judgment of the auditor in relation to the quantity and quality of audit evidence in Iraq    M.Sc.    ALNABHAN, JASIM MOHAMMED ABED    2016-06-28
66    Connecting Reading and writing in second language Writing Instruction Problems or errors in Teaching Tenses to Iraqi Learners.    M.Sc.    ouje, salvan    2016-10-04
67    studyiny corporate governance and earnings management relationship in listed companies of Iraq Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    al husnawi, mushtaq    2016-10-04
68    The impact of accounting information on the quality of management decisions    M.Sc.    Ghorbani, Manhal Faraj Azeez    2016-10-04
69    Studying effective factors of auditors of Iraq court of audits independence    M.Sc.    Al_Jawhar, Nadia Subhi Yaseen    2016-10-25
70    Factors affecting auditor independence of external auditors in the Iraqi perspective    M.Sc.    ALGHAZZAWI, MAZIN    2016-11-22
71    Organisational intelligence assessment on Iraq Court- Evidence of accounting and Ghyrhsabdaran    M.Sc.    Al - Khazaali, Haitham Jasim Khudhur    2016-11-22
72    A study on systematic error sources of Jones-based accrual models: evidence of conservatism and change in working capital management policy    Ph.D    Ghorbani, Arash    2017-02-05
73    The relationship between asset growth and stock returns according to the company's life cycle    M.Sc.    kamelan, mohammad    2017-02-12
74    Readability of Financial Statements and the Sensitivity of Investors to Use of Accounting Information    M.Sc.    bagheri azghandi, Abutaleb    2017-04-16
75    Real and Accrual‐Based Earnings Management in the Pre‐ and Post‐the Regulations Governing the Trusted Auditing Firms of the Securities and Exchange Organization    M.Sc.    azad, hamidreza    2017-04-30
76    The Impact of Distress Risk on the Relationships between Corporate Features and Stock Risk Premium at Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    behsoodi, Afshin    2017-05-07
77    Study The relationship between inventory turnover and economic performance in companies listed on the stock exchange in Baghdad    M.Sc.    Muhi, Sadegh Hadi    2017-05-28
78    Rotation of audit firm and the types of earnings management    M.Sc.    qadamgahi, seyed mehdi    2017-06-10
79    The Investigation of the obstacles to the establishment of performance budgeting in the technical and vocational training organization of Iraq (Case Study: technical institute of Karbala, Najaf, Babil)    M.Sc.    ALHADHI, SHIRIN    2017-06-25
80    : The evaluation of the internal control system of Iraq Stock Exchange companies based on the framework provided by COSO    M.Sc.    albogwara, liqaa taha    2017-07-11
81    Study determining earnings management practices depending on the effect of earnings quality taking into account the risks of financial stressand bankruptcy    Ph.D    Al - Naffakh, Ali Tawfeeq Jameel    2017-08-16
82    A study mediary effect of auditor's specialization, and accounting information quality on investment efficiency    M.Sc.    hasan farokhi, mohammad    2017-10-04
83    Investigate the Factors Affecting Accountants' Ethical Decision Making in Iraq    M.Sc.    Al - Juaifari, Murtadha Saleh Mahdi    2017-10-08
84    The Investigation of the relationship between working capital components and the performance of companies accepted at the Iraq Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    Kareem, Alaa Jumaah    2017-10-22
85    Investigating the Relationship between Different Dimensions of Company Performance Conservatism in terms of information asymmetry    M.Sc.    Najafpoor, Mohammad Reza    2017-10-28
86    Survey the relationship between Corporate social responsibility reporting, Capital structure changes and idiosyncratic volatility    M.Sc.    ghapanchi, mohammadamin    2017-10-28
87    Identification the Error Source of Cash Flows Prediction and Comparison of Prediction Models    Ph.D    Ahmadi, Ahmad    2018-02-04
88    Compilation of Theoretical Basis of Financial Reporting for Small and Medium –Sized Entities in Iran    Ph.D    behmanesh, mohammadreza    2018-02-18
89    Cognitive analytical model based on personality and situation interaction based on The relationship between dark personality (dark triad) and earnings management: The moderating role of ethical leadership style    Ph.D    zangiabadi, mostafa    2018-02-25
90    A study of the dividend sickness and cost sickness on earning comparability with mediating role of political connections    M.Sc.    ghodoosian, reza    2018-02-28
91    The use of performance measurement systems in the public sector ( Mashhad Municipality)    M.Sc.    Mahmoudi yekebaghi, Roghayeh    2018-03-11
92    A Review of Factors Affecting on Managers' Budgetary Bias    M.Sc.    darvishi, milad    2018-03-14
93    The ethical behavior of big taxpayers from a postmodern moral point of view in Iraq    M.Sc.    Alqarahghouli, Ayad Abed Hameed    2018-04-22
94    Comparison of statistical models and machine learning approach to predicting banks failure    M.Sc.    Ghazizadeh, Nafiseh    2018-05-01
95    Role of earning quality and stock liquidity in sensitive and insensitive companies to the publication of financial statement    M.Sc.    alian barin, somayeh    2018-05-01
96    A risk-based budget model for independent audit engagements    Ph.D    haghighitalab, bahare    2018-05-01
97    The Effect of Disclosure Quality and Corporate Governance on Debt and Expense Cost    M.Sc.    shirkhani, bahman    2018-05-04
98    The Relationship between Firm-Specific Discretionary Accruals and Abnormal returns    M.Sc.    saei, mohammad hossain    2018-05-05
99    A study of the Ratio of Income Tax Expense to Operating Income as an Indicator of Fraud listed company on the Tehran stock exchange    M.Sc.    Mohammadzadeh, Sara    2018-05-05